2023 / 2024 Annual Memberships Nick Parsons June 25, 2023

2023 / 2024 Annual Memberships

Our annual memberships are now open. Registrations will be taken from today until the 16th July 2023.

What will happen?

Existing Customers.

  1. Existing members will be sent a link to update their membership details to ensure our system has the correct and latest membership information.
  2. Payment links will be sent via your main email within the system for the annual registration fee.

New members

  1. Visit this link https://parkwyddnjfc.uk/register-join-us/ and select the correct membership for your child. Please complete the form accurately. Once registered you will be assigned to the relevant team and sent the payment link for registration.


  • Only when both the registration fee and the direct debit for subs has been setup will your child be fully registered and entered onto the FA Whole Game System.
  • All players registering MUST have been invited to join their team by the coach before registering. Coaches will approve all membership registrations.
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