A or B? That is the question.

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Parkwyddn FC


33 Fc A

16 January 2022

KICK OFF: 11:00

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Match Report

Parkwyddn FC (5) v 33 FC A (1)

Today’s report starts by going back the last season in which Wyddn trounced 33 FC’s B side 27 to nil over two games. Todays test saw the Wyddn up against their A side which, on paper, should prove to be a tougher test, albeit a pre season friendly.

Straight from the off it was clear Wyddn wanted this result more and it didn’t take long for them to find the opening goal (20ish seconds), a heavy touch let Mike Riordan in to slot home past the keeper who was still sipping from his water bottle. Game on. The next 5 mins saw the Wyddn score another two goals, Mike Riordan netting again followed by George Gill making it 3-0. The 33s’ goal was put under siege for most of the first half. Another goal from George Gill after getting on the end of a Joe Lightfoot ball made it 4. Mike Riordan ending the half pretty much how is started, Myles Barton slotting the ball through to Mike Riordan, who calmly placed it past the keeper to round off his first half hat trick. 5-0 to Wyddn at half time got the home team questioning which side 33 had started, their A or B team?

Changes from both sides were made a half time, the visitors much improved as saw more of the ball, however every threat was nullified by Tom Edwards and Joe Jones who didn’t let any ball past them and producing textbook headed clearances. The visitors got their goal from a corner with their Centre Back rising highest. 5-1, was the come back on? The answer to that, was No. Wyddn had a handful of decent changes in the second half but couldn’t add to their tally.

What a win for Wyddn, a win that will boost confidence going into the season ahead. Congrats to Mike Riordan for a Wyddn hat trick.

Goals; M Riordan (3), G Gill (2)
Assists; M.Barton, M.Riordan, T.Jones, J.Lightfoot

MoM; T Edwards

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