ANNOUNCEMENT – Taylor Parsons Joins our Committee…

Today we welcome Taylor Parsons to our Committee team. Taylor joined Parkwyddn JFC 5 years ago as assistant soccer school coach alongside Sam Berry our Vice Chairman. The team which was formed from that very soccer school remains in place to this day with Taylor assistant coach, our Parkwyddn U9 Predators. Taylor has found himself to be a very popular character with the team and all the upcoming soccer school members. Taylor is dedicated to Parkwyddn 100% and a great role model to all the upcoming Parkwyddn players of now and the future. Taylor currently looks after our soccer school, is assistant couch with our U9 predators and also plays for Parkwyddn FC, our open age team. As a club we recognise Taylor’s dedication, ongoing effort and likeability, he is an asset to our club and someone we want as part of our team now and well into the future. As recognition we have asked Taylor to join our committee team as Head of Development. Taylor will take control of our soccer school and help develop our new youngsters into the teams of our future. Please join us in welcoming Taylor to our committee team and our forever improving club.

Parkwyddn JFC

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