Girls win the Europa league title on their first tournament representing Parkwyddn JFC

It was a slow start to the Cadishead girl’s tournament but as each game progressed the girls gained more confidence. All the girls were putting in the effort, especially when considering the heat. The team worked tirelessly, earning a well-deserved place in the final. Sufea opened up the scoring with a powerful strike from outside the box, a great start. Things quickly took a turn for the worst when the opposite team broke through Parkwyddn’s defence on three occasions but quick thinking from Mia-mae in net denied them with perfectly timed saves. Daisy scored a perfect poacher’s goal in front of net to secure the victory. A fantastic win for the girls in their first tournament representing Parkwyddn JFC. Each and every one of them played brilliant in the heat today giving their brand-new kit its first outing. Player of the tournament: Mia-mae, well done Mia….

Parkwyddn JFC

Special thanks to AM Services Group for sponsoring the team.

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