Members Access Nick Parsons July 2, 2023

Members Access is the system which Parkwyddn JFC uses to manage all our memberships. Coacha enables us to ensure our players are registered correctly and professionally. Not only does Coacha work for the club, it also gives our members full access to their membership information.
Please see member options for signing in below:

You have two options when signing in to Coacha.

Option 1 – The main Coacha Web Interface which is accessable with an internet we browser (Chrome, Safari, Explorer, Frefox etc). This is the link to follow The Web Interface allows you to do absolutely everything in Coacha. Access and update your personal info (or your childrens), book on to sessions and events, make payments, download receipts, plus much more

Option 2 – iOS & Android mobile Apps. These are designed to be quick and easy to use, fucusing on the common tasks that people need to complete. Whilst there isn’t all of the functionility of the Web Interface in the apps, they allow you to quickly do do things from the convenience of your mobile device.

NOTE: You will need an active Coacha login with your club to do this. You can download the apps from here: 

Alternatively, scan the QR code below with your mobile:


Once you have the app installed, simply follow the instructions to login.

 Lets look at the key similarities and differences between these two options. 

 Signing in.

The process of signing/logging into your Coacha Account is the same for both the web interface and the mobile apps. So type in your username (your email address) and password, and in you go.

However, on the mobile apps you can also set up a pin so that you don’t need to re-enter your email and password each time. This allows you to quickly access the apps to book classes or see what is happening at your club. 

When you login to Coacha, you will be take to your clubs very own Member Portal.

 Here, you can:

  • Manage your personal information (and/or that of your children)
  • Managing multiple siblings
  • Export your personal data (part of GDPR Compliance)
  • See the Club Noticeboard
  • View the Club Schedule & Calendar
  • Booking Classes and Events (if enabled by the club)
  • Booking Private Sessions or 121s (if enabled by the club)
  • Booking Venue Items such as courts or pitches (if enabled by the club)
  • View any money you have paid to the club
  • Download receipts for money you have paid to the club
  • View your outstanding payments
  • Pay outstanding bills
  • See which payment plans you are subscribed to with the club (if enabled by the club)
  • Report an Illness to your club
  • View and download the clubs documents and data
  • Opt in or out of marketing emails from your club

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