Parkwyddn football club aims to provide a fun, safe and creative environment for all our, players, coaches and referees to participate in and develop individually and as a team. As an FA Charter standard community football club, we have a number of measures in place to ensure the safety and well being of all our players and volunteers. If you would like to help with Children’s welfare and work as a volunteer, please contact us.


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We have a dedicated team of welfare officers, who volunteer their own time to work with the players, club and leagues. The Welfare Officers have an in-date FA disclosure and barring service check and have received training from the FA completing the safeguarding Children training course and the Welfare Officer workshops to be able to complete their role. Our lead welfare officer also works in education which enables regular and updated knowledge of child protection.
The welfare officers are to be the lead and provide clarity in ensuring the clubs responsibilities when running activities for children and young people. They will support the club’s personnel to recognize safeguarding and promote the awareness of safeguarding for all. They ensure that everyone involved in the club are aware that we all have a responsibility to safeguard.
As a growing club Parkwyddn always encourage additional welfare officers to support the club. If you would like to help with Children’s welfare and work as a volunteer, please contact us.


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Karen Harwood
Trevor Dutt
If you would like further information relating to children’s welfare and safeguarding please visit the Manchester FA at

You can also use the following link ‘see it, hear it, report it’ guidance if you have any concerns The FA Reporting and Concern You can contact our welfare officer if you have any concerns regarding safeguarding and wellbeing.

The welfare of our children and young people is the upmost importance and should be promoted by everyone. If you would like more information or support whether its football related or the wider community further support and information is available.