Welfare Nick Parsons May 6, 2023

Club Welfare

Parkwyddn Junior Football Club is committed to ensuring all necessary steps are taken to protect children and young people who participate in football at all levels. As a growing football club the committee and club has a duty of care that ensures everyone has the right to participate in football in an enjoyable and safe environment.

My name is Karen Harwood, I am the designated Child Welfare Officer for Parkwyddn. Having been a parent of one of the players and wife to a former coach I have a good understanding of the importance of the sports and the teams value to the children, their families and the community. My background in education supports with a slightly greater knowledge of safeguarding and I support the coaches and club members to ensure that the regular check and training for officials is completed Football Club.

I work with the County FA Welfare Officer to promote the FA’s Respect Programme and to develop knowledge and awareness on child safeguarding.

If you have any concerns at all, whether you are a player, parent, manager or friend, please do not hesitate to contact me at

pwjfcwelfare@gmail.com or 07903862936

Alternatively our club make it good practice for the welfare Officer to be in your team’s WhatsApp. The club takes all safeguarding concerns seriously and Any concerns, suspicions or allegations will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and confidentially.

Enjoy your football


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